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UPDATE - Maryland State Police Aviation Command Budget Cuts

As many know the budget that was approved by the Board of Public Works for this fiscal year included the closing of a base and the sale of one helicopter. The Maryland fire, rescue and EMS services have made in adamantly known that they are in opposed to any budget cuts pertaining to the MSPAC Program.
The Board of Public Works (BPW) met on Wednesday, September 2nd. Governor Hogan and Comptroller Franchot expressed opposition to cuts to the Maryland State Police Aviation Division. Comptroller Franchot asked the Governor Hogan to seek a letter of clarification from the Attorney General's Office to check on the legality of reversing the previous decision. The hope is that this information is available for the next BPW meeting.
Last week a media outlet on the Eastern Shore put out a story stating that there would be no MSPAC base closure, nor would there be any helicopters sold. This story was very misleading as this was not what was discussed at the BPW meeting. I have attached a link to the last BPW meeting for those interested in hearing what exactly was stated. The meeting did include a motion that was passed to renew the lease where Trooper 7 is housed in St. Mary’s County for a period of five-years. 
What was learned in the BPW meeting was that the apparent base closure and sale of a helicopter came at the request of the Maryland State Police leadership. The Maryland Fire Chiefs Association has learned that one of the helicopters needing maintenance has yet to occur. This maintenance takes an average of 90 days at which time the aircraft is out of service. If this maintenance does not occur by October 1, 2020, the MSPAC will be down one helicopter for some period of time. We obviously do not want to see this happen. 
Below you will note that there is contact information for the Board of Public Works and for each of the members that sit on the BPW. In addition, the contact information for the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. Finally, you will find information for retired Delegate James Malone. We are asking that you contact the BPW and the Superintendent to express your continued opposition to any closures and sales of helicopters. We would also like for you to contact the MSP Superintendent to express the need for the maintenance of the helicopter which currently is pending service.
In closing, please feel free to contact Delegate Malone should you have any question or need any additional information. Thank you.
Board of Public Works
80 Calvert St, Room 117
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
(410) 260-7335
Peter Franchot
(410) 260-7801
Larry Hogan
(410) 974-3901
Nancy K. Kopp
(410) 260-7533
Colonel Woodrow W. Jones III
Maryland State Police
1201 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208
(410) 653.4219
James (Jimmy) Malone
Delegate (Ret.)
(410) 207-2531

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